Coronavirus disease known as “COVID-19” which has been declared as the pandemic disease of the century has caused deaths and has spread to 25 countries around the world.

As a preemptive measure to control the spread of the said virus in his area of operation, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region V Director Guillermo A. Molina, Jr. IV has issued Memorandum dated March 16, 2020 addressed to all MGB R.O.-V employees.

The four-pager memorandum enjoins all employees who have travelled outside Bicol Region shall observe self-quarantine; to observe frequent and proper hand-washing; use personal protective equipment such as face mask, alcohol, sanitizer; cleaning of office premises and proper solid waste management; monitoring of movement of personnel; and entry of visitors.

Also, RD Molina stressed out the observance of social distancing not only to clients and customers of the office but also to among employees. Along with social distancing, RD Molina also discourages contact greeting such as shaking of hands and “beso-beso”, postponement of non-essential gatherings however, meetings via teleconference or video conference is preferred. Letters were also sent to all mining companies operating in the Region to comply with the Presidential Proclamation no. 922 and 929 in relation to Memorandum from Executive Secretary dated March 16, 2020.

Further, since MGB R.O.-V is an ISO institution, RD Molina ordered the Risk Assessment Team to update the Risk Assessment Matrix of the Office to include the COVID-19 situationer. Furthermore, the Disaster Response and Management Handbook shall also be updated week after the submission of the risk assessment report.

Above all, RD Molina advised all employees to comply with the guidelines and issuances of the DOH, DENR and LGU.