LEGAZPI CITY – The Mines and Geosciences Bureau is proud to announce that the MGB has opened its doors through social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. The launching of MGB social media accounts is a project of the Mineral Economics, Information and Publication Division.

The social media accounts namely: OfficialMinesAndGeosciencesBureau on Facebook, minesandgeosciences on Instagram, Mines and Geosciences Bureau DENR on Youtube Channel and mgb_denr on Twitter endeavor to achieve an open, ever ready, round-the clock and easy access to relevant knowledge and information update to a wider and greater client/stakeholder coverage not only nationwide but also worldwide.

With this social media exposure, MGB, as a service and development-oriented agency tasked to promote responsible mining in the country will now be a click-away 24/7 / 365 neighbor to its clients and stakeholders everywhere.