The Month of March is observed as the National Women’s Month as declared in Republic Act no. 6949.  This observance aims to inspire and empower women as agents of change in the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of all women. 

This year’s celebration banner the theme: “Juana Laban sa Krisis sa Klima at Pandemya: Kaya!” serves as a tribute to highlight the extraordinary roles of women in the society and a call to action amid the health crisis brought by Covid-19 pandemic in the face of threats and challenges.

This month’s issue focuses on the roles and contribution of women or “Juanas” of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region V (MGB R.O.-V) in the world of the extractive industry in the Bicol Region. Traditionally, mining has been a male-dominated work environment because the work involves physically strenuous activities and the accompanying risk that the job poses.

Today, women have joined the workforce not only in the confines of the four-corner administrative offices but also in the conduct of field investigations on illegal mining and/or quarrying, geoharzad and vulnerability assessment and sanitary landfill assessment, among others as Mining Engineers, Geologists to name a few. These “Juanas” of MGB R.O.-V have bravely embraced the risks to their health, safety and security in performing their jobs.

Truly, there is no gender classification nowadays, what men do, these “Juanas” can do too! We salute to all “Juanas” out there not only in MGB R.O.-V who thrive despite today’s circumstances but to all women out there.