A well-represented batch of presenters of mini-technical papers form all Divisions and from the Office of the Regional Director participated during the conduct of MGB R.O.-V Annual technical Forum on December 15 and 16, 2020 within the premises in Rawis, Legazpi City.

The topics were of varied interests ranging from geological resource and hazard assessments, groundwater vulnerability, mining tenements and clearances, mining enforcement and regulation, SDMP adjustments, to legal updates on mining punitive provisions, appointments and other human resource actions, financial and audit observations, and ICT on-line utilization guides.

RD Guillermo A. Molina, Jr. IV graced the opening of the technical forum while the program coordinator, Ms. Rio M. Loquinario, explained the objectives and mechanics of the seminar. The forum provided also a venue for the presentation of the year-end Physical and Financial Accomplishments for CY 2020, including the summary of accomplishments from the MGB R.O.-V personnel embedded at DENR-V filed offices.

The technical forum not only provides a much-deserved internal IEC drive but serves well as the training ground for presenters. When the opportune time comes to respond to a high-level call for technical papers, MGB R.O.-V participant would by then be ready and equipped with the essential basic exposure and training.

The second part of the program on Day 2 was allocated to giving appropriate honors and felicitations to two (2) personnel of the Finance and Administrative Division retiring from the service effective December 2020. Juanito S. Austria, 64 and Maria Hazael A. Ibay, 61, both Administrative Assistant III, retire after 37 years and 28 years of government service, respectively. A gala audio-visual journey to “those were the days” provided a jolly reminiscence of milestones, camaraderie, and sentimental moments on and off from work, albeit a serenade with poignant deliveries of recollections and response was followed thru with extending commendations and mementos. It was a ceremony befitting dedicated personnel finally leaving the service under the “Salamat, Mabuhay” Program as encouraged under CSC Memorandum Circular No. 7, s.1998.