The Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region V (MGB R.O.-V) alerts all component Local Government Units (LGUs) through the concerned provinces of the Region amid the possible incidence of floods, landslides and related risks because of the coming of the typhoon season.

It is to be noted that MGB R.O.-V has disseminated geohazard maps featuring flood and landslide prone areas of all barangays in every province of the Bicol Region to continuously encourage them on the need for pro-active and preventive measures embodied in their respective disaster risk reduction plan.

These geohazard maps guide the concerned LGUS to mobilize their responsible personnel together with their equipment and resources to avoid loss of lives and property of their constituents.

As a precautionary intervention, the MGB R.O.-V adopts and embarks on pre-emptive actions to assists all stakeholders and clients to manage their communities before the advent of any disaster or calamity.