As year 2019 unfolds, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. V (MGB RO-V) Regional Director Guillermo A. Molina, Jr. IV has underscored the need to strictly observe the top management instructions in relation to the implementation of programs, projects and activities under MGB RO-V CY 2019 Work and Financial Plan.

RD Molina drumbeats the instructions in connection to the programs, projects and activities under Leadership, Fiscal Management, Career Development. Mining Investment Promotion, Integration of Small Scale Mining in the Mainstream Mining Industry, Strong Enforcement and Monitoring, Progressive Rehabilitation, Ramp-up Exploration and Pro-active Geohazard Awareness.

Under Leadership, RD Molina stressed that the unity of command shall be the Regional Executive Director (RED) of DENR he reminded everyone to keep the RED informed on the issues encountered by the Office; while under Fiscal Management he instructed the Division Chiefs that cash not spent is service not delivered. With that all cash must be utilized by end of the month. He further added that under Career Development, it must be noted that the office must implement the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME HRM).

Under the Mining Investment Promotion, the Office commits to fast track all exploration applications, Mineral Production Sharing Agreement with ECC and approved Declaration of Mining Project Feasibility should start immediately and to conduct cleansing of non-performing mining permits and applications. While under the small-scale mining, the Office pledges to integrate small scale mining in the mainstream mining industry by establishing more Minahang Bayan, to approve mining contracts, to conduct strict monitoring and on payment of taxes. The Office also plan to establish a Mining Environmental Protection Fund for small scale miners.

Under Strong Enforcement and Monitoring, RD Molina stressed that pursuant to the instruction of the DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu in a memorandum dated April 23, 2018, an intensified campaign against illegal mining where EMB Regional Directors are instructed to coordinate with the MGB to conduct a joint campaign against illegal mining and quarrying and to utilize the full potential of the CENROs and PENROs in cooperation with the concerned LGUs and the military and police units in the Region. Further, this Office commits to engage in an intensive monitoring with all the operating mining companies.

Likewise, this Office commits to monitor and expedite Progressive Rehabilitation/ Revegetation in compliance with DAO 2018-19.  He further stressed that the Office pledges to ramp up exploration to identify mineral resources for possible development.

Lastly, the Office commits to observe Pro-Active Geohazard Awareness. To collaborate with the LGUs, to update geohazard maps in the website and to establish an open line of communication and strong coordination with local officials and to brief LGUs as well as MGB employees on possible danger of landslide and flooding in their areas of responsibility.

These instructions are expected to be accomplished by the end of December 2019. MGB RO-V is more than ready and available to address the needs of its clientele in the Region.