Anchored on the Filipino tradition of “Bayanihan”, Filminera Resources Corporation/Philippine Gold Processing and Refining Corporation (FRC/PGPRC) has activated a conceptualized scheme of financially helping people run their livelihood undertaking themselves; and eventually financially help/pay forward to new beneficiaries to help themselves instead of paying back the original benefactor. The chain of financial prop to another group of people continues until everybody in the communities shares in the program benefits.

This is the concept of positively propping up the lives of people in the mining communities thru the PAMANA way – a scaled-up Bayanihan adopted in the Social Development Management Program (SDMP) of FRC/PGPRC labelled as “PAMANA Project” or the Palaguin ang Msaganang Nayon Project. This project springs from the idea of instead of paying back to the person who has helped another, the good deed is passed forward to someone else. This is undertaken through a selfless act when a person does a kind deed to someone but does not expect anything in return provided the payback is in turn, forwarded to new beneficiaries.

The success story of PAMANA Project started in December 2015 when FRC/PGPRC suggested an Egg Production livelihood project through the SDMP of the said company to Barangay Capsay. The project was then supported by the Barangay through a resolution, after which, an association was organized called Capsay Egg Producers Association (CEPA) comprising twenty five (25) members.

In November 2016, CEPA was registered as a legitimate organization recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment. On the same month, CEPA then started its livelihood project from twenty five (25) members, it enlisted to twelve (12) new members. Six months after the start of their livelihood, CEPA members is now ready to pass it forward to other neighboring barangay the same blessing that they have received from the SDMP of FRC/PGPRC.

Last July 11, 2017, CEPA members passed it on forward to Capsay Pamana Association (CAPA), a group of previous panners or wives of panners in Aroroy, Masbate. FRC/PGPRC then trained the members, and orient them on how to run a livelihood project. However, the initial capital was not given by FRC/PGPRC to CAPA members, it is the CEPA members who gave their initial capital of Php500,000.00 deposited in a bank as an act of paying it forward.

This SDMP of FRC/PGPRC is in line with the State policy to ensure environmental protection, community awareness and social responsibility in the utilization of mineral resources of the country; and consistent with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Administrative Order 2010-21 (DAO 2010-21) Section 134, Chapter XIV which provides  that a Contractor/ Permit Holder/ Lessee shall assist in the development of the host and neighbouring communities in accordance with its SDMP to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants living therein.

This aims to augment if not to improve the quality of life of all the host barangays and neighboring communities in the mining area; envisions to meet the minimum basic needs of the mining community; enhance human welfare and prevent or reduce social ills; and to provide opportunities for a self-sustained livelihood thus decreasing dependency on the benefits derived from the mining company.

During the turn-over ceremony of the PAMANA Project in Brgy. Puro, Aroroy, Masbate on July 11, 2017 Engr. Geronimo Badulis, the Environmental Manager of FRC conveyed his care and concern for the project sustainability in his closing message to the SDMP beneficiaries, to quote: “itong proyekto na ‘to ang konsepto nito ay yung walang iwanan. Alam naman natin na ang mina pansamantala lang yan. Iwan man naming kayo, meron kaming maiiwan sainyo. Kaya sana ito’y inyong alagaan at pakahalagahan.”

With PAMANA in SDMP, it will not only continue to touch people’s lives but will help the community to march forward for a brighter tomorrow.