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The advent of New Year revs up the introduction of new targets for the programs, projects and activities of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. V (MGB RO-V) in its CY 2017 Work and Financial Plan.

For this year, under the Communication Plan for Mineral Resource Development Service, MGB RO-V commits to accomplish 36 awareness and advocacy activities on Mineral Resources and Geosciences (MRGS) with the Sanggunian, with the other groups such as the Academe, Civil Society Organization, Religious Organization, etc; Radio/TV Guestings and Press/Photo Releases; 4 Capacity Building Program on MRGS laws, rules and regulations for the MGB Personnel, LGUs and other Stakeholders; and as part of the intensive Information and Education Campaign (IEC) MGB RO-V aims to target 218 IEC materials on website, pamphlets, flyers, etc.

Under the Geohazard Assessment Program, MGB RO-V shall continue its programs, projects and activities on Vulnerability Risk Assessment (VRA), updating of 1:10,000 scale maps, and coastal geohazard. Where the Office aims to assess 12 City/Municipality on VRA; to update 1 Municipality/City on 1:10,000 scale map; and to assess 64 Cities/Municipalities on coastal geohazard.

In addition, to intensify the IEC of the Geosciences Division on geohazard and mapping program it targeted 1,300 Barangays where to disseminate 1,000 maps, 60 VCDs, 500 pamphlets/flyers, install 2 signages and to conduct 300 radio and TV pluggings. Other activities of the Geoscience Division on geologic quadrangle mapping, groundwater assessment and other technical assistance have targets of 59 quadrangle assessed; 1 LGU assessed; and 60 technical assistance provided, respectively.

For Mineral Investment Promotion Program, the Mine Safety, Environment and Social Development Division aims to accomplish 14 Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programs; 4 Social Development and Management Program(SDMP)/Community Development Program; 14 Annual SDMP; 18 Safety Health Program; and 34 Safety Health Environment and Social Development Monitoring Program.

For the Mine Management Division, it aims to issue 380 mining permits including other mining related permits; on the enforcement, the Division targeted 13 complaints/conflicts filed with MGB RO-V and Panel of Arbitrators to be investigated or resolved.

These targets are expected to be accomplished before the end of December 2017, with the firm resolve that the Bureau shall remain committed to rev up implementation of this year’s targets to fulfil the mandate of our agency in the advancement of the mining industry and our advocacy for the promotion of responsible mining in the Region.