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The Year 2016 has just ended!  

Similarly, the implementation timelines of all the programs, projects and activities of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau Regional Office No. V (MGB RO-V) under its CY 2016 Work and Financial Plan proudly met their very satisfactory end.

It is, therefore,  timely and proper that at yearend our Bureau does not only inquire on the status of these plans, programs and activities but  also conducts a review on the administrative, technical and operational environment of the implementation of the same programs, projects and activities with the end in view to enable us to come up with accurate and well-defined basis to formulate our strategies that would further  beef up  the implementation and accomplishment of  forthcoming targets of the program, projects and  activities of the Bureau for the coming year.

For 2016, the MGB RO-V has an average accomplishment of 155.08% on its Major Final Outputs.

Under the Communication Plan for Mineral Resources Development Service, MGB RO-V has accomplished 8 Stakeholder’s Forum with the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, 6 dialogues with other groups, academe,etc.; 16 Radio guestings, and 32 Press and Photo Releases; under the Capacity Building on MRGS laws, rules and regulations, the MGB RO-V has conducted 8 workshops / trainings to MGB personnel; 7 to LGU and other stakeholders; and 2 to Small Scale miners; and 222 IEC materials (pamphlets, flyers, website, etc) were disseminated. 

In the Geosciences Development Services, MGB RO-V assessed 12 municipalities for Vulnerability Risk Assessment; updated 2 1:10,000 scale maps; produced 216 geohazard/VRA maps, disseminated 3,328 maps, 2,806 posters, 117 VCDs, 21,146 pamphlets/flyers and 602 trimedia pluggings and interview; conducted 1,303 consultations/seminars/workshops for barangay captains and officials; and Surveyed 2 areas for quadrangle geological mapping. On Groundwater Resources Assessment, the MGB RO-V has accomplished 1 province.

In regard to the Mineral Lands Administration (Mine, Safety and Environment and Social Development Division), MGB RO-V approved 11 Annual Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program; 2 Social Development and Management Plan (SDMP); 11 Annual SDMP; approved 54 Annual Safety Health Programs, inspected 35 Safety, Health, Environment and Social Programs; and monitored 6 operationalized Multi-partite Monitoring Team. Under the Mine Management Division, the Office issued 1 agreement/contract/permit; 672 Ore Transport Permits; monitored 35 Work Programs; assisted 6 P/CMRB/LGU/Other Stakeholders; conducted/participated 13 PMRB meetings; identified and endorsed to DENR thru MGB-Central Office 1 Minahang Bayan site, 1 complaint/cases filed with the Provincial/City Prosecutor’s Office; and 4 Cease and Desist Orders were issued for Anti-Illegal Mining.

With this almost outstanding accomplishment, the Bureau set its optimistic eyes to better and higher achievement this coming year.